The Darn Good Farm, Lowline Angus Beef Cattle, LaMancha and Nubian Dairy Goat Breeder, Washington State

Welcome to the Darn Good Farm

The Darn Good Farm is an idyllic, six-plus acres in Arlington, Washington, about an hour north of Seattle. Among the over-indulged livestock residing here are a few debutante dairy goats (Nubians and LaManchas), a breeding pair of Lowline Angus cattle, a couple of Lowline Angus beef steers, and a handful of Ameraucana chickens who lay blue eggs and Marans chickens who lay dark brown eggs.

Farm Fresh News

Nubian and LaMancha Dairy Goats

Mable and Tilly are both registerable dairy goats (Nubian and LaMancha respectively) with blue-blood, show lineage. Though the Darn Good Dilettantes choose not to travel the show circuit themselves, their kids are ideal candidates for dairy, show, 4H, pack-goat or pet homes.

If you are interested in a Darn Good Goat Kid and are prepared to offer them a caring home, please  »

Nubian and LaMancha registered dairy goat kids available for sale in Arlington, Washington

Naturally Raised Lowline Angus Beef Quarters for Sale

Every summer the Darn Good Farm hosts a couple of Lowline Angus meat steers. True to breed, the steers marble exceptionally, producing rich, flavorful, high-choice beef. While here, the steers live the best cow-life possible on free-range pasture, with a bit of grain, and the occasional watermelon, bag of raisin bagels, or loaf of cinnamon-swirl bread. They are unfailingly treated with kindness and respect, and processed as humanely as possible. If you are interested in a quarter or more of naturally raised Lowline Angus, please  »
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Naturally raised, grassfed and grain supplemented Lowline Angus meat availalbe for sale in Arlington, Washington