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Lowline Angus Cattle Gallery

Lowlines are a relatively new breed of beef cattle developed in Australia by selectively breeding champion bloodlines of standard Angus to decrease size but increase the beef to total weight ratio (no dwarf gene is involved in Lowline genetics), improve their feed conversion (for easier marbling on grass), and to develop a more docile temperament and natural polling (hornlessness) for easier handling. Their smaller size produces smaller cuts and total quantity of locker beef, both preferred by modern consumers, they require less feed to produce spectacular beef, they do considerably less damage to pastures even in the winter, and their size and temperament make them much less intimidating to handle.

True to breed, the meat steers marble exceptionally, producing rich, flavorful, high-choice beef. While here, steers live the best cattle-life possible, free-ranging on never-sprayed pastures with a bit of supplemental grain, high quality bread, fruits, vegetables, and the occasional loaf of Cinnamon Swirl bread. The amount of grain they recieve is minimal, and not enough to change their digestive process to that of grainfed — while not purely grassfed, they are close, though that bit of supplemental feed rounds out their marbeling and produces a mellower beef flavor preferred by most consumers. Resident steers are unfailingly treated with kindness and respect, and processed as humanely as possible.

The Darn Good Lowline Angus Photo Gallery

2013 Lowline Angus Calves Photo Gallery

Betty and Petunia each had a heifer calf »

Beef Steer, Violet's 2012 Calf

Violet's first calf is a Steer Calf »

Petunia, Betty's 2011 Calf

Meet the newest Lowline Angus calf, Petunia »

Violet, Betty's 2010 Calf

See more of Violet's baby pictures »
Born to the cow who "wasn't pregnant," Violet was a happy surprise. See photos from her first few months.

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