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Hiking Maple Pass with Foster Dog Asha

Nov 2011 Update — the Mighty Mouse shepherd is now adopted and living the good life with a great couple in Kirkland.

Oct 2011 — Taking advantage of a rare clear day, foster dog Asha (the 50 lb Mighty Mouse from WA GSD Rescue) and I headed up to the Maple Pass Loop Trail to get up high in the North Cascades and see the fireworks of the turning Larch trees. Native only to some areas of the NW and Colorado, Larch trees are deciduous conifers — in the fall, their needles turn golden orange before falling off.

Asha dog did great. Though a little worried about the passing dogs, she behaved herself on the leash, had a great time, and proved to be a fun hiking companion. It seemed she hadn't been hiking before as she didn't understand the trails and stepped off a couple times almost taking a tumble, but she learned fast and got her sniffing in on solid footing.

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