The Darn Good Farm, Lowline Angus Beef Cattle, LaMancha and Nubian Dairy Goat Breeder, Washington State

2013 DGF Lowline Angus Calves

There were two calves born on the Darn Good Farm this year.

2013 Calf Videos: Almost Unbearable Cuteness

Betty's calf, Iris, at a few hours old »

Petunia's day-old calf »

Betty's 2013 Calf: Iris

Female calf born April 11, 2013 to fullblood Lowlines Betty Noir (registered as TL Summer; see her pedigree) and sired by McDreamy (see his pedigree).

Petunia's 2013 Calf

Female calf born May 14, 2013 to fullblood Lowline Petunia

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