The Darn Good Farm

Loki: from Stray to Potential K9 to Official GSD of the DGF

Nov 2011 — The German Shepherd previously known as Epic is now named Loki and settling into farm living. Found as a stray in Everett, Wa, Loki was adopted and returned twice for being a little... too much. In foster with the NW German Shepherd Rescue, his high working drive was recognized, and after being tested by a police K-9 handler who liked what he saw, he was floated around WA state as a potential K-9 patrol dog. No one had the budget to train a new police dog, but it turns out that farm life suits this good dog just fine, too. Loki is now officially and permanently at home at the Darn Good Farm. See his photos and video below.

Video Loki: High Drive GSD in Action

The intensity prized in working dogs can make them challenging to live with but makes training nuthin but fun. See Mr. Work Ethic in action here just starting to learn the basics:

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